ICFF Editors Awards

Each year, the ICFF convenes the industry’s top editors and invites them to scout the floor of the Javits Center, then choose the best of the best of the year's design crop. And each year, they do, combing the aisles with their highly trained eyes. Once they’re finished, they put their inestimable seal of approval on the year’s finest designs in 16 categories, including body of work, new designer, craftsmanship, furniture, seating, carpet and flooring, lighting, outdoor furniture, materials, wall coverings, accessories, textiles, kitchen and bath, multiple production, school, and booth.

Arlene Hirst; Dan Rubinstein; Elizabeth Pagliacolo, Azure; Amanda Dameron, Dwell; Annie Block, Interior Design; Gilda Bojardi, Interni; Chantal Hamaide, Intramuros; Paul Makovsky, Metropolis

New Designer 2014


New Designer 2012

Egg Collective

New Designer 2011

Rich Brilliant Willing

New Designer 2010

Objeti, LLC

New Designer 2010

Studio Dunn

New Designer 2009


New Designer 2008

Todd Bracher

New Designer 2007

Emi Fujita, Shane Kohatsu

New Designer 2006

Emi Fujita, Shane Kohatsu

New Designer 2005

Art Center College of Design for Bernhardt Design

New Designer 2004

Todd MacAllen and Stephanie Forsythe for MOLO

New Designer 2003

Anne Kyyrö Quinn

New Designer 2002

Christian Biecher for Bernhardt Design

New Designer 2001

su11 for Wilsonart International, Inc. Wilsonart Champions Composite Architecture

New Designer 2000

Urburbia for Dune

New Designer 1999

Ronan Bouroullec (Intramuros)

New Designer 1998

Barber Osgerby Associates (Wallpaper*)

New Designer 1997

BEDG (British European Design Group)

New Designer 1996


New Designer 1995


New Designer 1994

Gaston Marticorena

New Designer 1993

Maxwell & Kelly Furniture & Co.

New Designer

Dirk Vander Kooij, Booth 1265


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