Seating Designs From Latest Contemporary Designers

International Emerging Designs in Modern Seating

Come to ICFF and explore all the variety and variants in modern seating as hundreds of leading designers and manufacturers reveal their latest designs. Find all the different styles, shapes, fabrics, colors and materials that can be used in arm chairs, side chairs, lounge chairs, slipper chairs, club chairs, barrel chairs, and courtney chairs. Not to mention all the treatments possible in luxury and high end seating design for rocking chairs, watchman chairs, Windsor chairs, wingback chairs, chaise lounges, fauteuil, ottomans, recliners, stools, futons, and tuffets- even bean bags. It’s all here at ICFF.

Be sure to discover all the latest major brand editions and emerging talents in seating design for multiple seating such as bench seating, love seats, divans, couches, settees, accubita, canapé, davenport and Klippan, fainting couch, Knoll Sofas, and more.

Interior designers seeking that unique chair or modern seating arrangement for a high end residence will find plenty to choose from at ICFF. Commercial seating design is a major category at the Fair, and architects and designers will find all of the options in style, design, shape, materials, and colors to ensure a great result. Major high end commercial seating requirements are easily satisfied by the many ICFF exhibitors ready to provide custom seating design to interior designers determined to deliver a truly unique result.

Hospitality space designers will find a treasure trove of seating design to stir the imagination and spur creativity in their next luxury design project. Five star hotels, boutique resorts and new high end restaurant projects all need the best in modern seating or exquisite seating design to really finish off an outstanding concept.

Visual merchandisers will also be inspired to build in some of the emerging seating designs seen at ICFF into their next luxury retail space display.

Extraordinary seating design, modern design, and commercial seating- only at ICFF.