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Contemporary crystal decoration and lighting debut at ICFF

Founded in 2002, Dainte is one of the most prestigious brands for the customized crystal. In 2019, Dainte is expanding its venture with a contemporary line consisting of accessory and lighting collections. The products are featured with rich materiality and skilled craftsmanship.

MODULAR PIPE is a lighting collection that brings together rough industrial pipe and delicate crystals. The two elements seem distant from each other from an aesthetic perspective. However, when the modular pipes are built into graphic patterns and structures, the simple yet sophisticated crystal discs well blend in. Pipes and crystal thus fulfil the lighting function in a unique way.

The collection is flexible in generating different lighting shapes and types by combining different modular pipes and fittings. From wall sconce, pendant light to larger fixtures, the MODULAR PIPE have answers for various space. The MODULAR PIPE is versatile and always remain its aesthetic character.

The decoration collections are featured with craftsmanship and material combination. Depending on how metal and crystal meet each other, they become two collections: SHELL and DESK PARTNER. The other two collections are solely crystal and explore the optical effect through the cuts.

Dainte offers both standard products and customization service to fulfil distinctive projects. 

Visit us at ICFF: Booth 684

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