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Karcher Design NA

Colours inspired by the cosmos

Attention to detail is central to good design, whether it’s the interior of a hotel room or a masterplan for a whole district.The smallest details, the fixtures and fittings, can leave a lasting impression on visitors, which is why Karcher, the specialist handles manufacturer, created new textures, colours and finishes to expand the range to suit a wide range of projects.Its newest shade available in is Cosmos Black, a matt finish, applied electrostatically as a powder coating to avoid the use of solvents.Karcher’s black product range was named a winner at the Muuuz International Awards 2018, a ceremony that celebrates the best in architectural and decorative design. The style’s scratchproof finish is resistant to corrosion and the powder coating provides a smooth, stone-like finish that’s warm to the touch.

The range has already been specified in several boutique hotels, including the Kimpton DeWitt in Amsterdam, where it provides a striking contrast against wooden fittings. In the Design Hotel Au Boeuf Couronne, in Paris, the Cosmos Black pull handle ES3 and door handle, Madeira ER45, work alongside the matt black elements in each hotel room.Its success means Cosmos Black has been extended and is available on a larger range of products, including sliding door handles, pull handles and handles for frame doors.But for designs where something slightly warmer is needed, Karcher created Oil Rubbed Bronze – this dark brown offers a similarly smooth surface but with elegant bronze-coloured contours, offering variety within the Karcher Black Edition.

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