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Las Vegas and Nevada - the new lever handles of Karcher Design

Las Vegas  –  a city of temptation and pleasure.  Casinos, Hotels and other attractions like spectacular shows reflect the special character of this metropolis.  The comparison to the desert which surrounds Las Vegas creates a contrast between the dryness of the desert and the modernity and luxury of the city.
Exactly this contrast is shown by our new and same titled door handles. Both stainless steel lever handles complement each other in their extraordinary shaping. 

The handle Las Vegas is defined by its rounded and curved shape. It is available in satin and also in polished stainless steel.  The handle runs flat to the end and looks very futuristic. The special feeling when pressing this high quality handle was the main idea behind the design.The jury of the German Design Awards also became aware of the special design of the handle and choose the ER87 Las Vegasas the winner of the German Design Award 2019.
The door handle Nevada represents the perfect match to the handle Las Vegas. It looks like the handle is spinning around its own axis.  In addition the end of the handle is curved downwards and becomes flatter. Just like Las Vegas the door handle Nevada is defined by its rounded and curved shape. The hand of the customer nestles to the design of the door handle. This is why the shape seems alive and complete. 

The lever handle Las Vegas is the fourth project in which Karcher Design cooperates with the designer Itamar Harari, who is specialized on architectural and industrial design. Torino, Chicago and Denver were also designed by him and quickly became a success for Karcher Design. Associating the 3.piece rose technology to the new design models can only be a success.
“I believe in good design for all, not only for the selective elite. I believe in design as an interpretation of pleasure.”
These words are the main idea behind the work of Harari – design as pleasure. Karcher wants to connect these thoughts to the design models Las Vegas and Nevada.  Two high-quality handles whose design becomes a pleasure through its perfect shape.

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