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Lucy Tupu Studio

New Collection:  Family Jewels

May 2019

New York City

Lucy Tupu Studio is excited to launch its newest collection, Family Jewels.

Keeping it in the family (literally), the first two designs of this collection are named after Lucy’s mum, Beryl, and her dearest Great Auntie, Edna.

Descendants of Scotland and England, Lucy’s maternal side emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1900’s. Stylish and quirky, her Great Auntie’s adornment of accessories felt like you were witnessing a fashion show. Coordinating from her hat down to her shoes, Edna would often pull off a monochromatic look... in vibrant purple! Beryl, on the other hand, counteracted this brash style – a quiet, calming force with just a hint of mischievousness.

Drawn from these precious memories, the rugs act as a sweet reminder of the stylish era both Beryl and Edna grew up in. The rich colors, intricate details and delicate nature of these family heirlooms, particularly those worn in the 1960-80’s, served as the Lucy’s inspirational starting point.

Beryl and Edna – the rugs, not the women – will be showcased at the Javits Center this May, during the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Hand-tufted in delicate silk and fine New Zealand wool, Edna has eight colorways to choose from, while Beryl has five. These designs can be customized to suit any color, size or shape depending on the client’s specifications.

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