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I designed B A Z with texture, aesthetics, quality, and practicality in mind. My goal as a designer is to merge simplicity with technology, catering to our basic needs as humans and our ever-advancing technology.

BAZ is a sculpture made with two side panels and a center base. The design is minimalist with just two parallel lines and a center interlocking assembly | only used for the limited edition series | where lies perfectly in between a display tray.

Marianne Nems' BAZ | CANDLE LAMP designs feature perforated patterns in tandem with candlelight. BAZ' patterns and raw candlelight flicker materialize in the form of a moving shadow on the wall. BAZ creates warmth, light, and harmony in a room. It is made with sturdy and long lasting materials for an indoor or/and outdoor use, and highest quality of workman/woman-ship in the USA.

BAZ is also A MODULAR with a GANGING SYSTEM - BAZ grows horizontally. It is the perfect collectible items & the perfect home and garden accessory. BAZ may multiply to create a wonderful center piece.

Also a singular BAZ unit allows two different level mounts, high or low, for different styles or/and multiple use, such as vase, “vide-poche”, perfume display or more...

BAZ may also be a mix and match, with different side panels for an individualized pattern design combination, "apple pick" and chose the side panels you like, the finish you like and create your own BAZ!!!




The selection of the materials and how to harmoniously tying them together needs to remain intelligent with the understanding of the impact of natural lighting and the environment where the object will be placed. An object to my opinion needs to blend in and add innovation to its surrounding like our CANDLE LAMPS Collection.


 What instantly attracts us to an object is its physical appearance and its quality of make. But, it’s the way an object makes us feel that makes want to possess it.

Side panels: 24k Gold PlatedStainless steel - Exotic Woods - Natural stone - Concrete cast

Candle trays 
Glass: color Clear or Amber
Ceramic: Silver or Gold or Rose gold
Concrète: color:
Stainless steel Mirror Polished: clear, electroplated in gold, rose gold or transparent color ( black - champagne -red - green - blue - purple).


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