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An unparalleled collision of modernity and antiquity

[New York, New York, May 14, 2019] Metaplace Industries is proud to announce the premier of the world’s first petrified wood fireplace, Ascendance, for launch at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) Booth 782 from May 19th – 22nd.

Metaplace Industries has chosen to forgo reliance on modern technology in his pursuit to discover the next revolutionary material and instead decided to, quite literally, turn back the clock.

The term “petrified” wood refers to fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation, created through a process known as permineralization. The gemstone-based material is formed over the course of millions of years as the tree’s original organic matter is replaced by minerals, inspiring the original vision of Metaplace to create a standalone fireplace out of an individual trunk.

Though wood comprises its sole composition, the material does not burn. It instead takes on the traditional characteristics of stone, both in functionality and aesthetics. The specimen obtained to create Ascendance comes from a low-land tropical tree species (Dipterocarpaceae) indigenous to central Indonesia and is estimated to be roughly 22 million years old. A custom concrete base has been constructed with a hollow core which houses an low-voltage natural gas burner, controlled by remote control or Bluetooth compatibility.

Metaplace Founder, Nick Wray, says he was first inspired to investigate the capabilities of petrified materials by the Caijou Le Grand Queen Bathtub, designed by Simon Krapf.

As a way of giving back to the people of Indonesia – the primary source of petrified wood used to create a Metaplace – 2% of the net profits from the sale will be donated to Direct Relief International, a nonprofit dedicated to helping Indonesian children in areas of extreme poverty.

“Metaplace draws its inspiration from the world’s wonder and beauty. It’s petrified wood, millions of years in the making, a wood that is stone, a material that is as mysterious and alluring as a polished gem, and yet built to provide the perfect hearth that truly could last for millions of years without ever losing its luster.” - Nick Wray, Founder

Metaplace Industries, LLC. is a design studio building the world’s first petrified wood fireplaces.

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