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MARCH 9, 2019



The X12 Wireless Charger is a student designed valet tray that allows users to charge their phone or compatible device such as smartphones, smartwatches and wireless headphones while organizing other everyday carry items. The detached charger, nestled by the tray, moves along the surface of the tray to partition space between items. 

Motivated by ease of interaction, the curved surfaces on the sides of the charger makes it easier for the user to grab their device with their fingers opposed to picking it up from a flat surface with their finger tips. This form was designed with the potential to help users with arthritis or similar issues that inhibit people from being able to grasp objects. 

The form of the tray is inspired by serving trays, the slots milled into the curved walls allow the cord of the charger to move freely as the body of the charger is moved. The open ends of the tray encourages interaction and create an affordance to pull items from it, making items not feel constrained to their placement.

The curvilinear sides of the tray and body align and coincide from the top and side profiles creating a shell-like shape. The purpose of this is to minimize the surfaces and edges visually processed to create a muted or minimal aesthetic.

The rubber feet features on the bottom of the tray and charger prevent the objects from sliding across potentially slippery surfaces, avoiding the possibility of the tray being pushed off desks, nightstands, tables, etc. 

Manufactured from aluminum using CNC machines and finished with hard anodization, ensures the products durability, abrasion resistance and longevity. 

The charger’s wireless module is fastened to the face of the acrylic. The module charges in 3 modes: 5W (Standard), 7.5W (Quick Charging), and 10W (Fast Charging)  for compatible devices.

Tyler Wilkinson is a Product Design major at the University of Oregon. He grew up working in the CNC manufacturing and semiconductor industry, and spent his spare time competing in robotics competitions. He utilizes his skillset of streamline manufacturing, electrical, and mechanical engineering to focus on home technology and related consumer electronics. The honesty in material, function and emphasis on user interaction in his designs drive the overall design of his products.

Location: Oregon




Phone: 971-533-4778



Data Sheet

Name of Product: X12 Wireless Charging Tray

Year: 2019

Designer: Tyler Wilkinson


Charger body: Aluminum

Charger backplate: Aluminum

Charger faceplate: Acrylic

Tray: Aluminum

Surface Contact. Neoprene Rubber

Finish & Color: Bead Blasted, Tan Anodized

Dimensions: 294mm x 170mm x 19.5mm

Distributor: N/A



Anodize Solutions

Suggested Price $216.00

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