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Wallumination presents a collaboration with Creative Director, internationally published Photographer & Visual Artist, Christina Sideris @ ICFF Show in NYC.
Contact: Sperry Bilyea

WALLUMINATION = Art + Light + Fabric

We create, manufacture and design creative concepts rich in texture based on the combination of art, light and fabric. Through innovative design and technology consisting of plant-based ink pigments, our WALLUMINATION art boxes are the newest way to display art.

All created in North America, our interactive application of LED lighting, color output and light intensity control, has brought to life art with #NOMOREBOREDWALLS. In collaboration with Creative Director, Christina Sideris, we have collectively launched her intuitive digital landscapes to completely revolutionize the traditional art canvas!

“We are so excited to partner with Christina. She’s a truly inspiring creative being because when I speak with her a thousand more ideas come to mind. She is just one of those people that helps people around her see the beauty and possibility in things around us.  We are excited she is launching her digital Scapes collection using our product,” says Sperry Bilyea, founder of WALLUMINATION.

This partnership will allow for unique access to original contemporary fine art to all consumers that in the past may not have been as easily accessible. Capturing spectacular imagery throughout her travels, Sideris has seized moments resulting in some of her most exciting creative collections thus far.

“I am humbled and grateful to have embraced my journey thus far. Every time I hear the shutter click I am capturing moments and segments in time which is truly a privilege and honor. Forever an impression, an emulsion on paper, in which is called a photograph…” says Sideris.


WALLUMINATION is art and visual concepts manufactured and printed using sustainable materials immersed with light! With intuitive technology, fabrication and impeccable attention to detail, the focus now is supporting interior designers, architects and established artists, to foster their creatively and light up their ideas. Our professional and dedicated team, including lighting engineers, structural engineers, print color experts, fabricators and graphic artists, will thrive to create the perfect art installation and bring your concept to fruition.

We are the company that creators trust to turn their vision into a spectacular reality. A beautiful combination of shape, light and imagery on our patented fabric cover with a modern aluminum shadow box frame is the missing element in any space!

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About Christina Sideris

Her career has allowed her to travel the globe as an internationally acclaimed Photographer and Creative Director. Most recently Christina’s work was accepted and featured in The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Art Museum. The exhibit, “Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood” at the Art Gallery of Ontario was brilliantly curated and featured in a published book, in addition to a 40-foot art installation of Sideris’ work at the museum.

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