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SoCal company ‘Barkiture’ specializes in crafting high-end, luxury furniture for dogs


Long Beach, February 27, 2019– Two people, three dogs, a long list of exclusive clientele and one piece in the Smithsonian. Meet furniture makers Katherine Ortega-Ford and Richard Ford and their dogs Coal, Rocket and G.G., the inspiration behind Barkiture, a company that creates furniture for dogs. 


Ortega-Ford, the mastermind behind Barkiture, was tired of always hiding large unattractive cushion dog beds whenever they had company. “While I did enjoy making furniture for people, I saw a void in the pet industry for upscale dog furniture. Something that would enhance your décor while fulfilling a need,” says Ortega-Ford. “I refer to them as ‘furniture for dogs’ versus ‘dog beds’ because they really are a piece of furniture for your house… but a piece of furniture that is specifically for your dog to use.”


Trained as a furniture maker and specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces, Ortega-Ford now focuses solely on furniture for dogs when she’s not teaching in the Wood program at CSULB. Each Barkiture piece is individually tailored to fit the needs of the customer, who can select from a handful of luxury design options. 


In the United States, pet ownership has grown upwards of 20% in the past decade. Worldwide, Americans own more pets than any other country—and ownership isn’t exclusive to any one age demographic. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials spend billions on their animals annually; in 2018, a staggering $70 billion will be spent on furry friends.


“We love our animals so much,” states Ortega-Ford, “our goal is to create furniture that the dogs love but that is also complimentary to a comfortable and beautiful home.” 


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