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JM Lifestyles

WoodForm ConcreteR:

JM Lifestyles has created something extraordinary from which everyone can benefit. WoodForm Concrete® is a lightweight engineered composite that looks like wood and acts like stone. It will not split, crack, splinter, stain or rot. Multiple color choices, edge details, accessories and more make this material a must-have if you truly want the look of, “wood, without the worry”.  This revolutionary product enables wood to be used in areas which real wood would be impossible or impractical. WoodForm Concrete will endure and last for generations.  You can also know you’re making a difference for the environment and everyone in it.  This product has more than 50% recycled content, near 0% waste in its production, it's lightweight and easy to transport, will last longer than wood and has a lower Embodied Energy in its production. Real wood produces up to 70% waste from the time a tree is cut down.  Factory forests are clear cut and harvested generally every 15 years and the landscape is sprayed with herbicides to kill any competition for the new trees being planted.  This destroys the biodiversity and displaces or kills the ecosystems surface and soil fauna.  With a purchase of WoodForm Concrete Island, Table, or vanity, you are supporting positive change for the future health of you and your children.

WoodForm Concrete truly is "Wood without the worry."  You can be happy to know you are helping create an industry that is closing the loop on our consumption.  JM Lifestyles has taken an unlikely material, concrete and refined it to look like one of the most classic, organic building materials available, wood. JM takes pride in giving consumers an alternative to clear cutting forests or use of old growth trees.  Applications include vanities, countertops, islands, tubs, shower seats and much more. 

• It replaces endangered species of exotic woods.

• It reduces the demand for rain forest woods and rainforest destruction.
• It is contains 50% post-consumer recycled content.
• It will not split, rot, crack or degrade like wood.
• Use it where wood would be unlikely or impossible.
• A water-based finish is virtually stain proof, and UV stable
• Use it indoors or outdoors
• Use it in wet or humid locations

• Its lightweight construction has a lower thermal mass and is warmer to the touch
• Negligible .5% waste produced in it’s production

JM’s concrete applications are far more durable than real wood. Look for WoodForm Concrete at your favorite new bar, retail store, office, or restaurant.

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