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Lee Borthwick

Scottish born, London-based installation artist Lee Borthwick brings a new collection of work to ICFF for her debut appearance at the show.

“For this collection, I am allowing selected branches to dictate the form of the finished work; no longer flat and framed but undulating and wandering like a walk through the landscape. The mirror arrangements will be more random; clustered, scattered and less uniform.”

“Wanderings” a series of three unique wall-hanging pieces, takes the aesthetic of her signature wood and mirror tapestries into more sculptural compositions, whilst retaining the tranquil, therapeutic qualities for which her work is renowned.The universality of that aesthetic is reflected by its worldwide reach, with clients across Europe, the Americas and southern africa.

"In combining manmade and natural materials and siting these objects, both inside and outside, I generate tangible experiences between the viewer, object and the environment. What began as a poetic notion of ‘reflecting sky into wood’ soon stemmed a creative practice enriched with purity, provenance and sentiments of place. My clients often tell me that my work has provided a stunning centrepiece to their space, the combination of light, reflection and rustic wood striking just the right balance."

Lee trained at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland and the Royal College of Art in London, England, before starting her practice in 2009. She quickly built a reputation for internal and external installations combining mirror, cut precisely to the natural shapes of wood. Each piece is hand-fabricated, with hundreds - and sometimes several thousand - components painstakingly cut and assembled by hand. 

Lee’s works are made to order. She is represented by Appleton Art Design in Connecticut and Westchester NY and sells through Gallery Lulo in Healdsburg, California.

The new collection from Lee Borthwick

See it at ICFF New York, May 19-22, 2019


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