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KO Collection designed by FrancescRifé.


The fascination of the design and interior design Francesc Rifé for the work of Mark Rothko has been translated into the KO collection of carpets for NOW Carpets. The result is five canvases made in bamboo silk that gather from the sensitivity of the pastel tones, to the intensity of the warm and melancholy of the dark colors. Abstract Expressionism has been just the starting point for working in-depth color combination and light exploration. A collection with a large geometric load, hand-woven


KO has made a turning point in the way NOW Carpets deals with projects and understands their contribution in the world of decoration. Working together with Francesc Rifé to create an abstract language capable of transmitting Mark Rothko's work and the emphasis of the painter in different color block. Geometric forms and color gammas of the hand - tufted collection make dynamic supplements to various settings.




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