Scandinavian Sneak Peek - Global Design

Cane-line – Booth 571

The colour white and garden furniture does not exactly sound like a practical combination. White is also very susceptible to damage from rainfall and dirt. With this in mind, Cane-line has developed the colour white-grey. A Scandinavian off-white in a shade of grey that makes it more practical for outdoor use, whilst at the same time being more contemporary both in style and tone.

The new white-grey will be launched in 2017 in the following designs: Savannah, Kingston and Escape sun lounger.


Massproductions – Booth 1933

Asian and Scandinavian design meet in Massproductions series Icha, a gracious furniture family with a slender yet stabile construction. Icha was first launched in 2014 as a bar stool and got its name and inspiration from the Japanese restaurant Icha Icha, to which the first designs were made.
Three tables are now launched in the same collection, and like the first products, the tables are inspired from Asian and Scandinavian design traditions.


 ferm LIVING – Booth 736

Punctual is a high-quality shelving system from ferm LIVING. The powder coated metal elements come in different heights and a beautiful range of soft colour hues. The basic structure is strong and robust. As a nice contrast to the sturdiness, all the shelves are gently perforated with small round holes – a detail adding a soft and airy look and a homely feel. And a detail you first discover when you get up close. Punctual is well crafted and meant to be used. The system is easy to assemble, suited to grow with you and your home, and you can use it to store everything from books, boxes, shoes and toys to kitchenware, works of art or beautiful plants.


Heymat – Booth 1641

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas, and Norwegian businesswoman Sonja Djønne has proved the adage true with her new company Heymat. The business produces industrial-standard doormats designed for use in private homes – more durable than standard home doormats and more beautiful than your usual mat. Heymat products have numerous practical benefits, such as a rubber backing that keeps them in one place on the floor, the ability to collect large amounts of sand, water and mud, and the fact that they are completely washable.